Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides oversight, continuity and guidance in Area 10 financial matters.

The Committee is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of a listing of Area 10 financial practices which describe the currently applicable Area 10 financial and budgetary policies and practices. This includes documenting the financial practices utilized by various other Area 10 committees which have a financial bearing on the Area as a whole and which are reported in the Area’s tax return, including convention and assembly activities and pink can collections and disbursements.

This Committee may be directed by the Area Committee to conduct specific reviews, analyses or research into other matters that the Area Committee deems appropriate.

In order to provide continuity, committee membership is staggered so that approximately half of the committee members serve over the bi-annual rotation.

                 For Finance Committee Bullet Points – FC Bullet Points

For Finance Committee Guidelines – Finance Committee Guidelines 042016 PDF

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