The Area 10 Assembly, simply put, is where we conduct the Area’s business.  A chance for the District and Group representatives to come together with the Area Delegate, and the Area Committee, to discuss and vote on issues related to A.A. in our Area as well as The General Service Conference.  All members of A.A. are welcome to attend.

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The Area Assembly shall consist of all current Area Committee members and currently serving General Service Representatives (G.S.R.’s). In the absence of a G.S.R., that group’s Alternate G.S.R., if in attendance, will be a member of the Area Assembly. Voting at the Area assembly shall be confined to the voting members of the Area Committee and the current G.S.R.’s or their eligible alternates who are in attendance. Absentee or proxy voting shall not be used.The Area assembly shall convene three times a year. The time and place for the March, July, and November meetings will be selected at least one year in advance. The Delegate’s Session will be placed on the Saturday morning agenda by the Area Chairperson for the March and November assemblies. The Delegate’s General Service Conference Report will head the agenda for the Saturday session of the July assembly.


2018 Spring Assembly
Fixed Location Assembly
March 2-4
Colorado Springs CO

Updated 2018 Spring Assembly Flyer

Hotel Reservation Site

Committee Information

2018 Spring Assembly-Final Agenda

2018 Summer Assembly
Hosted by District 14
July 13-15
Carbondale CO

2018 Winter Assembly
Hosted by District 11
November  2-4

If your District is interested in hosting an Area Assembly, please review the Area 10 Assembly Guidelines below.

Area 10 Assembly Guidelines (revised March 23, 2013)

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