Past Delegates

The Past delegates are an important part of our Area. Their knowledge is invaluable, as they have devoted a large part of their lives to this Fellowship as well as this Area. We thank them for their continued involvement.

If you would like to contact the available Past Delegates please refer to the list below:

Past Delegates Contact List (those underlined are email links)

Panel 25 Delegate Panel 49 Delegate
Panel 30 Delegate* Panel 53 Delegate
Panel 35 Delegate Panel 55 Delegate
Panel 43 Delegate Panel 57 Delegate
Panel 47 Delegate Panel 59 Delegate
Panel 48 Delegate* Panel 61 Delegate

* Past Delegates who served in other Areas now living in Area 10

If you need to contact any of the other past delegates please email:
The Area 10 Chairperson