Corrections Committee

Corrections Committee Meeting:  Our next meeting will be held at the 2018 Spring Assembly in Colorado Springs on Friday, March 2nd in the Fountain Creek Room on the First Floor at 5:00 p.m.


The only purpose of the Area 10 Corrections Committee is to facilitate AA members in carrying the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to the alcoholic who is confined in a correctional facility. The activities of this committee are based on, and governed by, the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact:

Area 10 Corrections Secretary at

Interested in becoming a AA Volunteer in a Colorado DOC (Prison) Facility?

The Corrections Committee CDOC Volunteer Packet include the following information:

  1. How to correspond with an inmate through letter writing.
  2. Information on becoming a Volunteer in a Colorado Prison.
  3. Colorado Department of Corrections Volunteer Application.
  4. The Colorado Department of Corrections Volunteer Training Schedule for 2015.

Pink Can Information

Informational Flyer about the Pink Can and its Uses

Group Contributions: Make checks or Money orders out to:

Area 10 Corrections Committee

Mail to:

Area 10 Corrections PO BOX 40368, Denver CO, 80204

Process for ordering literature through the Area 10 Pink Can Fund:

  1. Download the Area 10 Corrections Pink Can Literature Order Form.  Complete the entire form, if you have questions contact the Area 10 Corrections Committee Literature Chair.
  2. Save a copy of the completed form for yourself and email a copy to
  3. If you are unable to type on the Writable PDF Order Form, you may email your order to the Area 10 Corrections Committee Literature Chair. Please see the list below when emailing your request and send your request to
  4. Include the following information on your request:
    • Name of Book or Pamphlet
    • Item Number of Book or Pamphlet, which is located on Order Form
    • English or Spanish
    • Quantity – How Many Books or Pamphlets you would like
    • Your Name
    • Your Telephone Number
    • Name of the Correctional Facility Literature is for
    • Your Email Address
    • Ship To Name:
    • Ship To Address
    • Ship To City, State, Zip Code
  5. Your order will be placed at our earliest opportunity and we will notify you when we have done so.
  6. If you would rather mail in your request, please send it to:

Literature Request
Area 10 Corrections Committee
PO Box 40368
Denver, CO 80224

When ordering literature please, remember that we follow the guidelines set forth in the Area 10 Corrections Committee Procedure Guide (available near bottom of page).

Make requests for Correctional Facilities Literature to:

Area 10 Corrections Committee
PO Box 40368
Denver, CO 80204

Area 10 Correspondence Chair

A.A. members on the “outside” can contribute to their own sobriety and that of the inmate by becoming a Corresponding Contact. The Corresponding Contact communicates with the inmate by letter sharing their experience, strength and hope. This helps the inmate to become acquainted with A.A. on the outside and your letter becomes a meeting in print for the inmate.

Area 10 Corrections Correspondence
PO Box 40368
Denver, CO 80204

Inmate Correspondence Request Form (for volunteers)

Inmate Correspondence Request Form (for inmates)

Corrections Committee Procedure Guide

Corrections Committee Procedure Guide