Hi Country News


The Hi Country News is the official newsletter published by Colorado Area 10. This newsletter is published three times yearly before each Area Assembly. The newsletter consists of reports submitted by the Area 10 Officers and Area 10 Committee Chairpersons. The newsletter also disseminates the Area business to the DCMs and GSRs in the state.

Changes in Area Policy and Procedures require that the Hi Country News be in the hands of the Area Officers, Area Committee Chairpersons, District Committee Members and Group Service Representatives a minimum of 45 days prior to the next area assembly. This requirement assures that Groups and Districts are able to discuss the upcoming changes at the next Area Assembly.

Flyers for the State Convention, which is an Area Event, and flyers for the next Area Assembly can be found in the Hi Country News. The Hi Country News Editor is in charge of assembling all the reports from the Area 10 Officers, Area 10 Committee Chairpersons and all other information found in the Hi Country News. Approximately 350 to 375 newsletters are assembled and mailed to the addresses taken from the Records Coordinator. AA members may also subscribe to the Hi Country News via email only and at no cost. See the guidelines at the link below for electronic subscription details.

The Hi Country News is a confidential AA report, as it contains full names and contact information of various members of AA. Information may be submitted, changed or removed from the Hi Country News by submitting the necessary information to the Area 10 Hi Country News Editor via e-mail, or by sending the information to the editor’s regular mailing address as shown in the Area mailing list. It is, therefore, not disseminated to others whose names were not submitted by the Area Records Coordinator.

The deadlines for Officer & Standing Committee article submission for Volume 67 of the Hi Country News are as follows:

Edition 1/Spring 2018–December 18, 2017

Edition 2/Summer 2018–May 2nd

Edition 3/Winter 2018–August 22nd

HCN Electronic Delivery Guidelines.

To contact our Hi Country News Editor, send email to:  hcn@coloradoaa.org